FAITHE HOLDER, Partner, Toronto

Diversity and inclusion is an incredible component of who we are here at Gowling WLG. We have put a significant amount of time and energy and effort into building the blocks to ensure that everybody here, irrespective of the capacity we are working in, everybody here feels like they are accepted for who they are. They can bring their authentic selves to the floor when they come into the office and when they're engaging with others in the office. They will be respected as a result of that.

REEA SANGHA, Summer Student, Toronto

What drew me most to the firm was the fact that it was very committed to diversity. There's a diversity committee. We celebrate Pride Week. There's unconscious bias training which most firms are like, "What is that?"

LATISHA REDDICK, Summer Student, Toronto

I think that Gowling WLG puts a lot of effort into hiring people who have really incredible backgrounds. This summer, no matter what area of law I was working in, I always found someone who was very knowledgeable.

ANDREW LOCATELLI, Summer Student, Toronto

I think the culture at Gowling WLG is very welcoming but, also, people take their work very seriously.

JOSH HANET, Associate, Toronto

What I enjoy most about working at the firm are the people that I get to work with. The culture that we have developed here is one where I feel everybody can feel a part of a team.

ADAM CARLIN, Articling Student, Waterloo

Everyone around here wants you to succeed, and wants to work with you, as well. It's a very friendly open place to work where everyone is on an equal level and there's no bad questions.

EMILY DIES, Articling Student, Hamilton

I choose Gowling WLG, first, because I was drawn to the innovative side of the firm. In particular, in the Hamilton office. There's a lot of really exciting innovative projects that are going on. Using computer programming, using new technologies to innovate the legal profession.

ZAINAB FAYYAZ, Summer Student, Hamilton

The vibe was just amazing. I remember having to go into someone's office and ask them do, "Do the doors here close?", because I've never seen a door closed at our Gowling WLG Hamilton office.

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